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Thank you to all who donated!

Ukrainian refugees in Italy

Ukrainian refugee families in

A Chance in Life’s program in Visciano, on the outskirts of Naples.

There are presently 41 Ukrainian refugees in the program in Visciano.


A dorm room prepared for the arrival of Ukrainian refugees at La Repubblica dei Ragazzi program in Civitavecchia, Lazio.

The Italian Welfare League (IWL) has committed to make a generous contribution to support A Chance in Life, an international nonprofit organization founded in Italy, as Boys’ Town of Italy.  The League will match contributions up to $3,000 to support this organization’s efforts to support Ukrainian refugees. Given the urgent and horrifying humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, A Chance In Life is willing and able to help those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Through their programs in Rome and Civitavecchia, as well as complementary sites in Naples, the organization is prepared to accept and support families of Ukrainian refugees. Italy is home to the largest Ukrainian population in Europe, and more than 900,000 Ukrainian refugees – the vast majority of whom are women and children – are expected to flee to Italy. 


Monsignor John Patrick Carroll Abbing established his first Boys’ Town of Italy in the aftermath of World War II in 1945. Since then, they have responded to public health and humanitarian crises of every size, including the 1966 flood in Florence, the 1981 earthquake in Naples, and the 2020 Covid pandemic worldwide. A Chance in Life has a 77-year track record of success in serving at-risk and marginalized young people. A Chance in Life sees a response to the crisis in Ukraine as a moral obligation and fulfilment of the vision of their founder. In his words, “When you wipe a tear from the face of a child, a star lights up in the sky.”

If you would like further information on A Chance In Life and their efforts in Italy during this crisis, please visit their website at A Chance in Life .

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