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The IWL Protests the Elimination of the NYS Columbus Day Holiday

The Italian Welfare League, a social service organization, supports the Italian-American community as it defends itself against discrimination in the battle to preserve the Columbus Day holiday.

New York State Senator Jessica Ramos has proposed Bill S8553 which eliminates the Columbus Day holiday and replaces it with Indigenous People’s Day. Please go to the link below and support the Italian-American community by contacting Senator Ramos and your local elected officials, and vote against this bill.

Our organization recognizes the importance of our Indigenous People and supports a holiday that preserves their history and culture. We agree that each ethnic group deserves to celebrate its own heritage and Italian-Americans should not be excluded from that celebration. They are a Cognizable Racial Group under the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause and should enjoy the same civil rights as other groups do. By permitting the 2nd Monday in October to celebrate another ethnic holiday, Italian-Americans are being ignored and excluded, and viewed as insignificant in their social and cultural lives.

As Americans we should be considerate of all ethnic groups and respect the fact that each group’s contribution has enhanced our lives, and not diminished them.

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