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IWL Helps Autistic Child Becoming an Adult

Dear ltalian Welfare League,

My husband and I wanted to extend a very heart filled thank you for your generous donation to our son Jack. The donation towards obtaining guardianship for Jack has made a huge impact on our lives.

Raising a child with autism is nothing you could ever imagine ... and we were blessed with two, 16 months apart. Obtaining services for them to help benefit their lives is a daily struggle. They both have enriched our lives in every way. Their smiles light up a room, their love for life is contagious and because their language is non-existent to minimal, they have both taught us that Love Needs No Words. They both require 24-7 care. When it came time to speak to a lawyer regarding the necessary steps to obtain guardianship and estate planning, we realized we needed some help ... that lead us to your wonderful organization.

We appreciate what you have done for us! Keep up the wonderful work you do for families in need, we can't express how grateful we are!

The artwork was made by Lilyanna, our daughter with autism!

Thank you all again!

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