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IWL Helps Victims of the Camp Fire

These children lost their home in the Camp fire in California, and they lost their father 4 years ago. The IWL helped them over the holidays with gift cards.

Another family, with a special needs child, lost their home in the fire and was also part of the IWL's Adopt-a-Child-for-Christmas program in 2018:

"We have received your gift and your generosity overwhelms and honors us. The firestorms that ravaged our hometown last year left us and our community scrambling, at first for safety, then, eventually for normalcy. We have found a new residence to create home, and local citizens have opened their hearts to us and other fire survivors. Our employers have given us time both away from, and at work to heal.


Daniel’s school district has agreed to keep him enrolled locally for this year and next, despite our temporarily moving out of the district. With his special needs, routine is very important, and the continuation of school with his friends and familiar staff is comforting. Community has come to mean something more to us than just where we happen to live. It is finding family where once only strangers existed. And now comes the realization that community extends beyond the confines of our local region. Your thoughtfulness shows us we truly live in a small world."


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