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Renée Attends Music Program in Italy

Good afternoon, my name is Renée. I would like to thank you all at the Italian Welfare League for your very generous donation In helping me study music this summer in Italy. I know you all work very hard to bring in donations to help children like me and I am honored that you chose me. I am grateful to be able take part in this amazing music program. With this music program on my college resumé, it will help me to achieve my future goals of attending the music conservatory of my dreams.

When I was selected from the hundreds of auditions submitted, I was both excited and worried knowing my mom would never be able to afford this alone. I will cherish this gift for the rest of my life and use this as a stepping stone to achieve my musical goals. I am a very hard worker but sometimes work alone is not enough and organizations like yours help us hard workers get an equal chance in the world. I have enclosed a few pictures of my musical journey, Carnegie Hall and Staller Center. I will send more photos from Italy soon.


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