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DBT Therapy Helps Autistic Girl who was Bullied

The IWL recently helped an autistic girl from Long Island who was the victim of bullying at her high school. Here is a thank you note from her mom.

"Good morning, My daughter, Alyssa was assaulted in the corridor of her high school by two female classmates one year ago today. Alyssa is autistic and has been bullied at school for years. My entire family would like to thank the Italian Welfare League and all of its members for taking the time to review our application and approve trauma therapy through Suffolk DBT for Alyssa. Our family, like many others on Long Island, is constantly searching for the best resources for our children. Suffolk DBT was the only behavioral therapy for teenagers with Autism that specialized in PTSD. Please accept our family's appreciation and gratitude for your kindness and financial support. Alyssa has struggled with autism her entire life and will most likely continue to struggle for the rest of her life. We believe that through this therapy, she will learn the coping skills she needs to deal with the trauma of the assault and move ahead in her life."


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