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Hippotherapy Grant Benefits These Siblings

Here's a letter from one of our recipient families:

"Dear Members of the Italian Welfare League:

The words 'thank you' do not even begin to express our gratitude for your generous donation to Special Strides. Our son, Benjamin is now 6 and has been going to Special Strides since he was 2. He had a 37-degree curve in his spine that was treated with medical casting, but when the treatment was complete he still looked crooked to us. His entire rib cage was rotated but thanks to Miss Susie and Miss Jane and all the horses and staff at Special Strides – they fixed him! Currently his spine and rib cage are straight!

In addition, our daughter Belle also developed scoliosis and has been going to Special Strides for over 3 years. Both of our children are supposed to be wearing medical device braces which are uncomfortable and very difficult to manage for kids their age. But thanks to hippotherapy their spines are stable and they do not require them! If it wasn't for generous people like you that support and donate to Special Strides, we would not be able to send them for treatment.

Your donation has truly made a difference in both of our children's quality of life. We cannot thank you enough!

With Gratitude,

Kristy, Chris, Belle and Benjamin"


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