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Thank You's from Families served by IWL Grants to Breakthrough Intensive Physical Therapy


This is a long overdue thank you note to show our appreciation for the money that you have granted our son, James, to be able to continue his therapy at Break Through Intensive Physical Therapy. He is doing amazing work with Dr. Christine and really showing improvement by getting stronger every time he goes. What a wonderful kindness you have shown. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Chase and Shane had a wonderful time at CAMP for the past two summers! They are both fully potty trained and Chase wore his Cochlear implants for camp this past year! They have made so much progress! Thanks to you and your organization for helping them go to camp. Tina Rocco has reported such great news while they were at her camp. We are looking forward to attending again this summer.


Thank you again for all you do for my family.



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